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You Should Get To Know Us


sewage farm You Should Get To Know Us (abbreviation: YSGTKU) are a slackpop/powerpop band from Nijmegen (NL). After releasing two EPs on independent label Desert Mine Music, the band has release their first full-album on january 19th 2019. The album features the band's trademark slack-pop sounds, ranging from low-down acoustic songs to ramshackle indie rock. Imagine The Beatles getting high on a powerpop-grunge cocktail. The album has been produced by Sam Forrest of Nine Black Alps. Recordings took place near York (UK) in only one week, the limited amount of time made sure the band's sloppy live sounds were kept intact. Since 2016 the band has toured through Germany, France and England. The band's influences are easy to trace: Big Star, Teenage Fanclub & Pavement, just to name a few.



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