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Dutch indie folk singer Niekse makes melancholic folk music. As an experienced solo musician, 2018 will see Niekse accompanied by a full-band on tour for the very first time. Drawing on traditional folk, Americana and modern contemporary indie, Niekse can be compared to artists such as The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes en Bon Iver. The ambient soundscapes of guitarist Pete Barnes (Alcuna Wilds), melodic bass lines of Léon Masselink (Galleons) and pulsating synths of Jordy Pama (Alcuna Wilds) are an exciting addition, providing a new dimension to live shows.
The debut album, “The Carnage Lane”, was released in March 2018 to critical acclaim and was followed shortly after by a live E.P. with full-band, produced by Jordy Pama.
In just three years Niekse has played more than one hundred shows, captivating audiences throughout the Netherlands, Germany and France in the process. Now, with band in tow, these intimate folk songs have been transformed into rich, musical soundscapes, adding extra texture and layers to his fragile solo sound. Niekse has had the privilege of touring with numerous artists, including Holy Holly (AU), Ryan O’Reilly (UK), Galleons (UK), Gil Hockman (SA). Niekse is also co-founder of the Liedjescollectief (Song Collective) based in the Netherlands.



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