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Welcome to liedjescollectief


Liedjescollectief is the home of artists like You Should Get To Know Us, Niekse & Überhaupt. Liedjescollectief is a non-profit organisation, whose primary goal is to spread the art of "songs" (liedjes). We help our artists by recording songs, release their music and by booking gigs. As an independent label we mostly rely on our DIY attitude.


Since the start in 2016, we sometimes organize concerts ourselves. Some highlights we could mention are gigs of Ryan O' Reilly and Awkward-I. Our most intense project was a festival celebrating the two year anniversary of liedjescollectief in 2018, which featured bands like Fokko, Galleons and Gil Hockman.


Some succesful tours include the tour of You Should Get To Know Us and Sewage Farm through Germany in 2016. We should also mention Niekse's tour through The Netherlands in 2018, when he was promoting his debutalbum "The Carnage Lane".


Most of our recordings are homemade. Although, once in a while we were lucky to got some help. Niekse worked together with Menno Esmeijer, while YSGTKU and Ralf Knoflook got help from Sam Forrest in order to capture their indie rock sounds.


Feel free to contact us!